"Smart investing for smart investors"

Rembert Capital co-invest jointly with a select group of investors

To empower investors to take control of their financial lives,

free from the high costs and conflicts of traditional brokerage firms and banks

Earning client trust through sustainable performance,

continuous support and reliable partnership

Wealth Management

A number of European family offices and high net worth individuals have invested with us.

They particularly like the fact that we act as a long-term buy-side investor and not merely as a distributor of financial products.

To ensure a strong alignment of interests, our shareholders and employees are co-invested in the same strategy and the same funds as our clients, and they represent the majority of the capital being managed.

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Private Equity

Rembert Capital’s investment strategy involves looking beyond individual economic cycles and focusing on strategies aimed at capturing secular trends and outperforming the market over the long term. We have a permanent, versatile capital base capable of being deployed within various levels of the capital structure. Our investments are not restricted by typical closed end fund arrangements or specific industries.

Rembert Capital targets direct majority investments, or active minority ownership with significant control. As a long-term investor, Rembert Capital acquires successful and high quality companies, in partnership with strong and motivated management teams.

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Corporate Advisory

Financial advisor boutique services created aiming to provide independent financial advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, financing alternatives and debt restructuring.

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Investment Strategies

Rembert Capital invests exclusively with blue chip established managers, with strong risk management culture and demonstrated alpha generating skills. Alignment of interests and operational excellence are key elements of our manager selection process.

Our portfolio construction primarily aims at diversifying away downside risks. Our asset allocation is strategic in nature and long-term focused. Tactical asset allocation is delegated to the underlying fund managers, but closely monitored and analysed by us.

Quantitative tools and research are used whenever necessary to enhance our investment approach. Our team members have authored a number of publications in this space.

4 risk buckets

  • Multi-Strategy / Event-Driven

    Credit opportunities, merger arbitrage, event driven situations, convertible arbitrage, and distressed securities.

  • Global Equity

    Fundamental and systematic long short equity managers.

  • Global Trading

    Global macro, managed futures.

  • Long Term

    Opportunistic investments with higher volatility and/or longer lockups.

These risk buckets are available as standalone portfolios or can be used as building blocks for multi-strategy portfolios, with various degrees of concentration and liquidity.